Nine years in and I’m learning that love is so much more of a choice than a feeling. While this choice has always come easy with Charlie and I, I believe it’s because of the effort and time we chose to put into one another.

After several heartbreaks I remember thinking marriage was never going to happen for me. God surprised me with a love far more than I could have ever imagined. We are learning what real love is, the true meaning behind the words ‘I DO.’  We are learning how to put one another above everyone else, while keeping God the center. We are learning to shut our mouths even if we think we are right, and we are learning how to compromise and how to believe in one another and how to support each other all while keeping our love alive. We are committed to beat the statistics of 1 in 2.  

This is where I am most passionate….sharing with you the love between Charlie and I, and how I have learned to first love myself so he could fully love me.

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